NPORS Plant Machinery Marshal Course (N133)


This 1 day NPORS Plant Machinery Marshal Course (N133) course has been designed to give you all the skills you need to carry out a Plant Machinery Marshal (banksman) role on a construction site or similar environment.

Taught by experts with broad experience in the field, you’ll leave with the ability to carry out comprehensive safety checks, communicate effectively with operators, assess site conditions and guide plant safely, in accordance with the NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme) standard procedures.

On successful completion of the test delegates will be able to demonstrate they have the required skills and knowledge to safely guide plant in open spaces, confined areas & 'blind areas'.


By the end of this NPORS course and on the job experience, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the construction industry and relevant safety legislation
  • Understand your role and responsibilities as a Plant Machinery Marshall
  • Have solid working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the machine or vehicle you will be guiding
  • Explain the procedure for plant joining or leaving the public highway
  • Recognise a range of plant, including attributes, hazards, limitations and stability factors
  • Understand different driver visibility aids and how they work
  • Communicate how hazards and ground conditions can affect operations
  • Be able to carry out thorough safety checks in the work area, stop blocks and tipping areas
  • Demonstrate various types of communication, including hand signs and signals
  • Carry out an assessment of an area to confirm its suitability for manoeuvering activities
  • Assess and set up an exclusion zone for loading and unloading
  • Be able to guide plant safely to manoeuvre in open or confined spaces, as well as ‘blind’ areas
  • Understand the correct PPE to use, and how to maintain it
  • Demonstrate how to park and shut down in accordance with the end of shift procedures


This Plant Machinery Marshal course wil cover the following subject areas:

  • The construction industry, its safety regulations and legislation
  • Plant Machinery Marshal – your roles and responsibilities
  • Key features and information in the manufacturer’s handbook
  • Driver visibility aids – different types, how they work, their benefits and limitations
  • How ground conditions, proximity hazards and weight limits can affect plant operations
  • Understanding the access points and work areas of plant operations
  • Safety checks for work areas, stop blocks and tipping areas
  • Communication methods: essential hand signs and approved signals to ensure safe working practice
  • How to signal to operators when the plant must stop
  • The correct procedures to follow when you don’t have clear information
  • How to assess an area for manoeuvring
  • Setting up and maintaining exclusion zones
  • Guiding plant in various locations – open spaces, confined spaces and blind areas
  • PPE – choosing and maintaining the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • End of shift – procedures for parking and shutting down


At the end of this NPORS course delegates are required to undertake a theory and practical test.  

Candidates who successfully pass their training will obtain an NPORS card.  Anyone requiring the CSCS embossed Red Trained Operator card will need to have a relevant CITB Health Safety & Environmental touchscreen test dated within the last 2 years.  The Red Card is valid for 2 years and during this period candidates are required to achieve the relevant plant operations NVQ, enabling them to upgrade their card to the Blue Competent Operator card which has a 5 year validity.

Alternatively, candidates not holding a valid CITB Health Safety & Environmental touchscreen test will only be eligible to receive the traditional 5 year NPORS operator card.  This card will not display the CSCS logo and isn't as widely recognised. 


Who Should Attend?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced construction worker looking to refresh your plant skills and knowledge, this course is for anyone responsible for marshalling plant machinery, in order to gain their NPORS Operator Card.


National Plant Operators Registration Scheme


Candidates are required meet the below as a minimum:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a good understanding of written and verbal English
  • previous experience if taking the Experienced Worker course option

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