CAT & Genny Training Course Cable Avoidance Testing

CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance Testing) Course


If you’re evacuating an area for construction or development, underground cables, pipes and hidden services pose a significant threat to health and safety. Damaged cables are not only hazardous, but they’ll delay your project and may even bring it to a standstill.

This comprehensive half-day CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance Testing) Course will give you the skills and knowledge to detect underground services effectively, using the CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) and Genny (Signal Generator). With a mixture of theory and hands-on training, you’ll leave with a thorough understanding of HSG 47 guidance for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services.


By the end of this half-day CAT & Genny course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the dangers of working near underground services
  • Explain safety procedures for evacuating or ground working
  • Follow HSG 47 guidance for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services
  • Operate a CAT and Genny safely and effectively
  • Locate a range of underground services
  • Identify damaged cables, pipes and services
  • Demonstrate which PPE is required and why
  • Easily locate underground services on a plan
  • Update plans with details of underground services detected


This training course covers the following subject areas:

  • An introduction to cable avoidance tools (CAT) and signal generators (Gennys)
  • How to operate cable avoidance tools safely and effectively
  • Health and safety legislation and HSG 47 guidance
  • Working in or near underground services
  • Detecting underground pipes and cables
  • Identifying service plans (electricity, gas, telecoms and water)
  • Using ground-penetrating radar to locate underground services
  • Recognising damaged and undamaged services
  • Various types of utility services
  • Drawing comprehensive plans to locate services
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


On successful completion of this half day CAT and Genny cable avoidance training, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone working in construction, groundwork or maintenance – particularly operators and site supervisors who need to use cable avoidance tools and signals generators to carry out their work.

If you’re involved in evacuating a worksite or surveying an area that may have underground pipes and hidden cables, you need to have a good understanding the dangers and required safety procedures.

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