CITB Temporary Works Coordinator Course (TWCTC)

CITB Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWCTC) Course


The two day accredited CITB Temporary Works Co-ordinator course is designed to assist those on site who have responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. It is also designed to give confidence to senior management and those who engage contractors that they have a recognised standard of knowledge and understanding.

Situations involving complex temporary works may occur on small as well as larger sites hence understanding the essentials of good safety risk management, as outlined in BS5975, is relevant for projects of all sizes. This CITB course will give the delegate thorough knowledge of the Temporary Works Co-ordinator role Please note that attendance of this TWCTC course does not confirm competency as a Temporary Works Co-ordinator.  Competence will come from a mixture of education, training and experience.  However, training is considered an essential element of TWC competence.

Site Safety Plus ask that delegates refer to the current British Standards BS5975 for Temporary Works (Code of Practice) prior to their training.

*  PLEASE NOTE - It will take approximately 2-3 weeks for the CITB to issue an E-Cert  *


At the end of this TWCTC training successful delegates will be able to:   

  • Understand the need for, and the duties of, a Temporary Works Co-ordinator
  • Understand the roles of others on the site
  • Understand the BS5975 and the code of best practice for temporary structures on building sites


The CITB Temporary Works Co-ordinator course will cover the following topics: -

  • Temporary Works Overview
  • Background Information
  • Statutory aspects of temporary works
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Management of the temporary works process


* Delegates must attend both of the days, in accordance with the course programme, to achieve the necessary learning objectives *

Candidates will be assessed throughout the course with practical exercises. In addition to this, delegates are required to complete a test paper at the end of the course consisting of 22 questions, 4 of which are free text format. The exam pass mark is 78% (21 out of 27).  Certification is valid for 5 years.


Who Should Attend?

The TWCTC is ideal for anyone who has been considered for a Temporary Works Co-ordinator/Supervisor role and wishes to progress to the next professional level. It may also be of interest to others involved in the temporary works co-ordination process including:

  •     Site or Project managers
  •     Designers and supervisors working for clients
  •     Consultants and contractors who need a good understanding of the safety and technical implications of temporary works

Suggested Progression

CITB Temporary Works Supervisor Course


CITB - Construction Industry Training Board (Site Safety Plus)


Delegates are required to have experience in being responsible for managing all forms of temporary works.  A good understanding of spoken and written English will be necessary in order to attend and complete the course successfully.

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