Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Online Course

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Online Course

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Human trafficking is a serious crime and an abuse of human rights. This detailed e-learning course will help you to recognise the signs of exploitation and modern slavery in the UK, as well as what to do when you suspect that someone is the victim of exploitation.

This online Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery course will take between 1-2 hours to complete, during which time you’ll learn why some groups are more vulnerable to exploitation; how people are forced into slavery, and how you can support victims to prevent further trauma. With practical guidance including interview techniques and making referrals to the National Referral Mechanism, you’ll finish with a solid understanding of the problem, and what can be done to tackle it.

Plus, as this course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service, you can be sure that the information follows up-to-date best practice.


By the end of this online training course in human trafficking and modern slavery you will know:

  • What human trafficking is
  • What modern slavery is
  • Where trafficking and slavery occurs
  • What kind of exploitation constitutes slavery
  • The signs of trafficking
  • Ways you can support victims
  • Which groups are most vulnerable to exploitation
  • How to make a referral through the National Referral Mechanism
  • UK legislation around slavery
  • How to take preventative measures
  • What happens to traffickers


This e-learning course will cover the following subjects:

  • An introduction to trafficking awareness
  • How vulnerable people become victims of organised crime
  • Ways people are manipulated and forced into modern slavery
  • Trafficking in the UK and Europe
  • Organised crime – gangs operating in the UK and beyond
  • How to recognise exploitation
  • Various forms of exploitation in the UK – child sexual exploitation, cannabis farms, benefit fraud, etc.
  • Warning signs to look for
  • Safeguarding victims
  • How to make a referral to the National Referral Mechanism
  • Advise on best practice for first contact
  • How to interview victims appropriately
  • Arranging support for victims


At the end of this online course, you’ll take a multiple-choice test of 10 questions. It’s marked automatically, and you’ll need 80% to pass. If you don’t pas first time, you’re welcome to re-take the test as many times as you need to at no extra cost.

You’ll receive a CPD-certified digital certificate straight away.

Who is this Course for?

This online course in human trafficking and modern slavery has been created to summarise the main signs of exploitation, give you prompts for talking to potential victims and information around where to go for support. It’s been created with the following professions in mind, although candidates from outside these professions are also welcome:

  • Police officers
  • NGOs
  • Local Authorities
  • Local Authority Children’s services
  • Designated safeguarding leads
  • Teachers
  • Youth workers
  • Social workers
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