Manual Handling Online Course

Manual Handling Online Course

3 Hours3 Hours
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The 3 Hour online manual handling training course will provide employees with the principles and practices of safe manual handling.  Training will provide the necessary information to staff who may undertake manual handling operations including the transporting of a load of items by lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, manoeuvring, steadying or transporting thereof by hand or by bodily force.


At the end of this online training course students will understand:

  • What is meant by manual handling
  • How to carry out a manual handling risk assessment
  • The legal responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • How to identify risks and hazards
  • What control measures can be put in place to reduce the risk of harm
  • Causes of injury and potential long-term damage to health as a result of poor manual handling techniques


This online course will cover the following subjects:

  • An introduction to manual handling
  • Type of manual handling injuries
  • Risk assessments
  • How to avoid and control risks
  • Safe manual handling techniques


At the end of the course you will be required to complete an online assessment consisting of 20 multiple choice questions.  The pass rate is 80% or higher and answers are automatically marked so you’ll know instantly whether you passed. If you don't pass don't worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.

Who is this Course for?

This fully online training course is suitable for employees who will be undertaking manual handling duties within their workplace. No previous knowledge or experience is required.  Depending upon your workplace, your risk assessment may require you to supplement this course with practical training.

This online training course is ideal, but not limited to, people working in positions such as:

  • Warehouse staff
  • Managers / Supervisors
  • Office staff / Administrators / Receptionists
  • Teachers / School staff
  • Manual Labourers
  • Consturcton and building site workers
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