PUWER Online Course

PUWER Online Course

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Minimise the risk of injury in the workplace by making sure that all machinery and equipment is safe to operate.

This online PUWER course provides you with essential health and safety information, guidance and control measures to ensure compliance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

You'll also learn how to assess your workplace for potential hazards and maintain high safety standards. Find out what your responsibilities are, how to identify safe equipment and implement robust safety measures.


By the end of this 1-2 hour online course, you will:

  • Understand your legal duties under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).
  • Be able to perform a risk assessment of your workplace
  • Understand how control measures help maintain health and safety
  • Explain the potential hazards caused by operating work equipment
  • Know why it's important to select equipment carefully and ensure safe working practices
  • Demonstrate knowledge of equipment inspection, maintenance and testing
  • Be aware of emergency procedures


This online PUWER course covers the following topic areas:

  • The key features PUWER legislation
  • What are the risks?
  • Responsibilities for employers and employees
  • The hierarchy of control measures
  • What is a risk assessment?
  • Identifying hazards and establishing who is at risk
  • Evaluating risks, recording findings and setting up control measures
  • Reviewing and updating your assessment
  • How to reduce risk - choosing the right equipment, testing strength and stability, equipment positioning, safe working loads, storage, signage and tripping hazards
  • Maintaining equipment, inspecting and testing
  • The importance of testing hired equipment
  • Training and communication
  • The competent person
  • Understanding emergency procedures


At the end of this eLearning course, you will need to take an online exam containing 12 multiple-choice questions. The exam is marked automatically and you’ll find out your results straight away. A pass mark of 80% is required, however, if you are unsuccessful, you can re-take the exam as many times as you need to at no extra charge.

Who is this Course for?

If you're an employer, you must make sure your workers have undergone sufficient health and safety training to be able to operate machinery and equipment on your premises.

Whatever kind of business you have - a coffee shop, factory, construction site, office, farm or hospital – it is your duty to provide health and safety training.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 state that anyone involved in operating or managing equipment should be aware of potential hazards and how to overcome them.

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