CDM Regulations Online Course

CDM Regulations Online Course

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Minimise the risk of serious injury or death on construction sites by making sure you comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Dutyholders, including designers and contractors, are expected to plan for and integrate safety management systems at the design stage of every construction project. This means they will be held accountable if they do not comply with legal health and safety management, right from the start.

This online training course will give you practical knowledge of the CDM Regulations, so you understand the importance of robust safety standards, as well as the various responsibilities of yourself and your co-workers.


By the end of this 1-2 hour course, you will:

  • Understand key elements of the CDM Regulations 2015
  • Know what's expected of you from a legal standpoint, under the Regulations
  • Explain the correct way to prepare pre-construction information
  • Understand how to prepare a suitable construction phase plan
  • Be able to put together a health and safety file
  • Appreciate the importance of co-operation and co-ordination as an integral part of CDM Regulations
  • Understand why safety management should be integral to the planning stage of every construction project


This online course covers the following subject areas:

  • An introduction to the CDM Regulations – focusing on key points and the responsibilities of your team
  • Planning – learn when and how to notify HSE about a project
  • Preparation – what should a client brief include?
  • How to prepare and plan the construction phase
  • Putting together a health and safety file
  • Domestic projects – who manages the client duties?
  • Choosing a principal designer under CDM Regulations
  • How to assess contractors effectively
  • Where to find useful information relating to specific regulations


At the end of this course, you will take an online exam containing 12 multiple-choice questions. The exam is marked automatically and you’ll find out your results straight away. A pass mark of 80% is required, however, if you are unsuccessful, you can re-take the exam as many times as you need to at no extra charge.

Who is this Course for?

This online course in CDM Regulations is suitable for all dutyholders on a construction project. This can include the client, the principal designer, the principal contractor, sub-contractors and designers.

Whatever your role, make sure you understand what is expected of you, to comply with health and safety law.

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