Time Management Online Course

Time Management Online Course

1-2 Hours1-2 Hours
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Do you struggle to meet deadlines, spend too much time on the wrong tasks or just feel you could manage your time more effectively? This online time management course will take around 1-2 hours of your time, but will enable you to be more productive, spend less time procrastinating and feel motivated to get things ticked off your list.

Discovering your natural time management style is the key to achieving your goals. Whether you respond well to tools designed to keep you on track, or prefer to set objectives and write a priority list, this online course will help you unleash your potential and change unhelpful time management behaviour.


After completing this online time management course, you’ll:

  • Understand what your natural time management style is
  • Know how to analyse your current workload
  • Be able to prioritise tasks and schedule them accordingly
  • Use SMART objectives
  • Be able to tackle procrastination
  • Put measures in place to avoid distraction
  • Motivate yourself to get tasks done
  • Find out how to boost your productivity
  • Realistically manage expectations – how much is achievable?
  • Learn how to be more assertive
  • Delegate tasks to lighten the load
  • Find the tool that works for you: to-do lists, project management tools, calendars, the Pomodoro technique, the 80/20 rule, time trackers and calendars


This 1–2-hour online training course covers the following subjects:

  • Discover your natural time management style
  • Self-reflection: how do you approach tasks?
  • Time and task analysis of your workload
  • Prioritisation and scheduling
  • SMART objectives
  • The art of delegation
  • Why breaks are important
  • Keeping motivated: procrastination, distraction and perfectionism
  • Increase your productivity
  • Self-motivation
  • Set and manage your expectations
  • Be more assertive - when to say no
  • Time management tools and techniques
  • To-do lists, calendars and planners
  • Project management tools and tracking tools
  • The Pomodoro technique


At the end of this time management course, you’ll take a multiple-choice test of 12 questions. It’s marked automatically, and you’ll need 75% to pass. If you don’t pas first time, you’re welcome to re-take the test as many times as you need to at no extra cost.

You’ll receive a CPD-certified digital certificate straight away.

Who is this Course for?

Poor time management can affect anybody at any stage of their career or in their personal life. If you’re keen to find out what your own time management style is, and how you can harness it effectively to help you become more productive and get more out of your day, this course is for you.

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