CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) Training Course

CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) Course


The CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) course provides instruction in the correct operation of telescopic handlers for those who will be using such machines as part of their job.  This construction training course is aimed at anyone who has no prior experience and needs training when using a telescopic handler, or for those individuals who have some experience and want to refresh or update their skills.

This safety training course is accredited by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) and on passing the technical tests at the end of the course, candidates will gain the CPCS trained operator card (red card).

Those wanting to attend must have passed the CITB health, safety and environment test within 2 years of the course examination date, have a good understanding of health and safety issues and be confident in both written and spoken English.

Topics covered within this plant course include how to operate and manoeuvre the machine over various terrains and with difference loads; how to follow instructions and signals; hazards and what to look out for; how to attach and remove various components of the machine and the importance of maintaining a safe working environment.

The CPCS Red trained operator card confirms a level of core skills, knowledge and understanding that can be applied in the workplace.  PLEASE NOTE this card is non-renewable.


The aim of the A17 Telescopic Handler course is for each person attending to understand how to safely, correctly and competently operate a telescopic handler. Delegates will also learn how to make confident choices when lifting and manoeuvring, how to carry out maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and understand how different situations effect the machine’s capabilities. 


At the end of this construction course candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and capabilities of the machine
  • Operate the machine for all normal tasks
  • Decide whether or not a particular load is safe to lift
  • Understand how the machine works and be able to carry out routine maintenance and servicing, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Know the safety precautions when operating the machine
  • Understand the effect of load, size, weight, gradients and ground conditions in relation to machine stability
  • Know how to safely load, store and transport materials
  • Understand the basic construction of pallets
  • CPCS theory and practical tests


Candidates attending the CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) course will need to pass a theory test, take part in practical exercises, and pass an assessment in order to gain their two year CPCS Category A17 Red Trained Operator Licence.

Who Should Attend?

The CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) training course is designed for anyone who needs to use a telescopic handler machine in the workplace. Those needing to gain this qualification may be based in a variety of workplaces, such as a construction site, factory or warehouse, and may need to use the machine both inside and outside.

The CPCS Red trained operator card confirms a level of core skills, knowledge and understanding that can be applied in the workplace.  PLEASE NOTE this card is non-renewable.

Suggested Progression

The CPCS Red Card is only valid for 2 years and delegates will be required to progress to the CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card.  To achieve this delegates must complete the relevant Construction NVQ.  The Blue card had a 5 year expiry and is renewable.


CPCS - Construction Plant Competence Scheme


In order to confirm your registration, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Existing CSCS Card Number
  • NI Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address

Candidates MUST have an in-date CITB Health, Safety and Environment Touch Screen Test which has been completed within 2 years of the course examination date. A good understanding of written and spoken English is essential as well as knowledge of health and safety issues.

If you are unsure of the requirements for your training course, please feel free to get in touch.

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  • Will lunch be Included?

    The joining instructions will indicate if lunch is provided for the duration of your course.  Should you need to know prior to booking please contact one of our team who will be happy to advise.

  • When will I receive my Course Joining Instructions?

    Course joining instructions are sent 7 to 10 days prior to course commencement.  If you book within this time frame they are emailed within 24 hours of the booking being placed.

  • Do I have to attend all days/sessions?

    Full attendance on all days, at the required times stated on your course joining instructions, is compulsory to successfully complete the course.

  • What time does my course start?

    Start and finish times are confirmed on your joining instructions which are issued 7 to 10 days prior to course commencement.  Failure to arrive at the requested time may result in the delegate being turned away.

  • Will I be required to wear PPE?

    If PPE is required for your training it will be listed on our website, within the course information section, and also confirmed on your joining instructions.  If you are missing an item or have any queries please contact our customer service team at your earliest convenience on 01892 543000.

  • Why do I need to provide a pre-requisite?

    Pre-requisites are requested when the awarding body requires proof of a previous in date qualification or experience, to ensure delegates are eligible to attend. These guidelines are set policies which we are not able to amend.  If you do have any queries or are unable to provide sufficient evidence please contact our customer service team at your earliest convenience on 01892 543000.

  • What happens if I fail the course?

    If you should fail the course our customer service team will be in contact to discuss your options.  Our team will talk through the process to help you achieve the qualification required in the most effective way.