The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) was set up in 2003, with the aim of standardising safe working practices within the plant sector of the construction industry.

Delivering a range of plant training courses across the UK, the CPCS ensures that anyone working within the plant sector has the relevant skills and knowledge to carry out their job competently, while meeting strict UK health and safety regulations.

After successfully completing a CPCS training course, workers will be awarded a CPCS card, providing assurance to employers that they have the ability to operate various types of plant machinery to the required standards.

The CPCS scheme is constantly evolving in response to industry feedback, as well as making sure training is up-to-date with the latest technology and safety regulations.

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Our CPCS Training Courses

CPCS A09 Forward Tipping Dumper Course
Learn how to operate an A09 Forward Tipping Dumper safely and effectively with this comprehensive course. You’ll experience simulated onsite conditions to gain the skills and knowledge needed to make sure you adhere to UK health and safety regulations.

Duration: 3 days



CPCS A17c Telescopic Handler (Novice) Course
Workers who use a telescopic handler as part of their job will need to undergo relevant training provided by this course. Maintain a safe working environment and understand how to attach/remove machine components correctly.

Duration: 4 days



CPCS A31 Ride on Roller Course
This course uses a mixture of tutorials and practical training to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to operate an A31 Ride on Roller competently, while complying with UK health and safely legislation..

Duration: 3 days



CPCS A40a Slinger Signaller (All Duties) Course
For those looking to gain entry into the lifting industry, this course will provide all the necessary training – both theory and practical – in order to meet health and safety guidelines and perform your job to a high standard.

Duration: Experienced Operator Training – 4 days    -   Re-test only – 1 day

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CPCS A40b Slinger Signaller (Static Duties) Course
This training will teach candidates how to select the appropriate lifting tackle, attach and detach loads correctly, use clear signals to communicate with crane operators and maintain and store equipment properly.

Duration: Experienced Operator Training – 4 days  -  Re-test only – 1 day
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CPCS A58 Excavator 360 - Below 10 Tonnes Course
Gain the appropriate skills, knowledge and accreditation to operate an A58 Excavator 360 below ten tonnes, safely. With a mixture of practical learning and tutorials, candidates will carry out health and safety checks as well as lift and move basic loads.

Duration: 5 days



CPCS A59 Excavator 360 - Above 10 Tonnes Course
Learn how to maintain and operate an A59a Excavator above ten tonnes, in line with current UK health and safety legislation. This comprehensive course will teach you how to fit ancillary equipment, operate over different types of terrain and move basic loads.

Duration: 5 days



CPCS A61 Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) Course
This course is for anyone responsible for the planning and execution of lifting operations on a construction site. Successful candidates will be able to implement and assess safe working practices that comply with UK health and safety regulations.

Duration: Experienced Operator Training – 4 days  -  Re-test only – 1 day



CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor Course
By completing this course, candidates will understand the roles and responsibilities of a Crane Supervisor. They will be able to confidently follow safety legislation and procedures for lifting, which include method statements, plans and risk assessments.

Duration: 4 days


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