People Management 1 Day Course

People Management 1 Day Course TEST


Managing a team can be challenging. Whether you’re a new starter or have years of experience, dealing with regular absences, different personalities, conflict within the team or a high staff turnover can all take their toll. This practical one-day people management course will set you on the right track, with useful advice and strategies to boost your skillset as well as your confidence.


The way to run a successful team is to understand what motivates each person. Make the most of an individual’s expertise and help them reach their full potential by creating a robust action plan. By the end of this one-day people management course, you’ll have learned:

  • How to get the best from your existing team
  • The secret to dealing with difficult employees
  • Strategies to help reduce absenteeism
  • Ways to boost your business by working to your team’s skillset
  • How to encourage team members to share their ideas


How does your role as a manager, supervisor or team leader, fit into the hierarchy of your organisation? We’ll give you the tools you need to bring out the best in your team.  On the day, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding your role and your key objectives
  • People – what they need, and why they become difficult
  • Break the cycle of difficult working relationships
  • Find the hidden potential within your team
  • Understand key motivational techniques
  • Explore scenarios through role-play
  • Why delegation opens up opportunities for you and your team
  • People – our greatest asset or our biggest challenge?
  • Draw up an action plan and go back to the office feeling confident and motivated


There’s no formal assessment for this course. However, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance for your records.

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