Risk Management 1 Day Course


Whatever business you’re in, it’s essential to manage risks effectively. Risks come in many forms – your organisation could suffer a data breach or you may be too reliant on just one source of revenue. This practical one-day course will help you to understand the risks involved in making business decisions, and feel confident that you’ll know what to do, should the worst happen.


Learn how to identify, assess and manage all kinds of risk with this fascinating, hands-on course. Throughout the day, you’ll take part in various practical activities that will give you a solid understanding of:

  • The kinds of risks facing your business
  • How to assess risk effectively
  • The cost of not managing risk
  • The risk/reward ratio
  • What happens when things go wrong


Every business needs to take risks in order to grow. The size of the risk will vary according to your organisational needs, but there should always be a balance between risk and payoff. During this packed one-day course in Risk Management, we’ll teach you how, why and when it is worth taking a risk, and how to successfully manage business decisions. We’ll cover:

  • Why managing risk is a good idea
  • Operational, strategic and financial risk and what they mean
  • The psychology of risk
  • The difference between personal and corporate risk
  • How to balance risk and reward – what’s the expected return?
  • Contingency planning, being flexible and responsive
  • The risk management system
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Learn from past experiences


There’s no formal assessment for this course. However, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance for your records.

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