Tips on running a Construction Site Safely

Tips on running a Construction Site Safely

Site Supervisor (SSSTS) or Site Manager (SMSTS)? It is your responsibility to ensure that your site is running safely and training is kept up to date with the SMSTS refresher and SSSTS refresher which depending on the amount of people working on your site, cannot be the easiest of tasks. We've pulled together some top tips, as provided by the professionals, to help you on your way.

There are essential health and safety tips which everyone should follow, whether managing a construction site or managing an office. They are simple to follow and should be considered by any worker. First of all, you should always keep your work space tidy and clean, free of debris which could be a hazard. You should make sure there are significant security measures in place so the public cannot enter your construction site as it is an unsafe environment. You should also ensure that all employees are trained in manual handling to avoid injury. This is true whichever industry you are working in.

However big your construction site, you should ensure that any holes or hazards are clearly marked. Even if there are only a couple of you working on site, you may have visitors who aren't aware of the hazards, meaning they need to be clearly marked to avoid accident. Likewise, edges which people could fall from need to be protected with double guard rails.


If you require your employees to work from height, or even if you are working from height yourself, then you need to have specific planning and implementation in place. First of all, consider whether you really need to work from height. If there are other alternatives, you should use them as working from height is one of the most dangerous activities you can do working in construction.

Taking working from height into consideration, if required, scaffolding is vital to ensure safe working. Scaffolding should only be erected, altered and dismantled by a fully trained professional to ensure they are safe to use. There should be double guard rails at every edge to protect people from falling and all platforms should be fully boarded. Everyone working from height should be properly trained in the risks and how to work securely.

There are lots more tips which can help you to run a secure site, many of which you can learn on an SSSTS or SMSTS training course.

These tips may seem like a lot of effort to carry out but they could save someone’s life. As the Site Supervisor (SSSTS) or Manager (SMSTS), your employees welfare is your responsibility as it is to ensure the training is kept up to date with the SMSTS refresher and the SSSTS refresher courses.